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Setting up your cellular repeater system is made simple with AirWave. Our antenna and RF experts create a seamless installation of your DAS, Public Safety and In-Building wireless repeater solutions inside any residential or commercial space. Whether it may be for a new construction project, a school campus, hospital, government buildings, commercial offices of any shape or size - we're able to deliver an excellent product with 100% satisfaction.

How It Works... 

Step 1: Understand the project

Every DAS In-building wireless project comes with unique requirements and challenges that must be addressed. This step in the process is critical to ensure a smooth flow and installation from start to finish. Here we'll talk about local government codes, laws and requirements and touch on what should be expected when the installation is completed. 


STEP 4: THE Design 

The design phase is where our RF engineers work closely with the installers to plan and organize the most effective system for your project. The entire building is mapped out including antennas on the roof, cables amplifiers and the antennas the distribute signal throughout the required areas. Using highly specialized softwares and techniques we're able to virtually ensure the distributed antenna system will work after installation, saving time and money on the job.

STEP 7: Installation

Once ready our crew of seasoned installers are set to install the antennas, cables and amplifiers that make a DAS system. Our goal is to finish the project in the most efficient way possible without compromising on quality. Whether it be on a new construction project or in an occupied building, we stay flexible to work on time tables that are the least intrusive. 


Step 2: Site Survey

The site survey sets the tone for the entire installation. In this part we take our precision RF analyzers supplied by Anritsu, the best instruments in the field, to map out what signal is currently available and what needs to improve. When we set out to test, we measure for all local carriers like Sprint, AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and all other subsidiaries across the 2G, 3G and 4G LTE spectrum.



When applicable we work closely with local government and code compliance departments to make sure the systems we install are safe, effective and comply with local municipal, county, state and federal laws.  As a service to you we manage the processing of required permits and plans as needed.



After installation we wrap up the project by closing out any outstanding permits and compliance requirements. Additionally we walk you through the results of the signal increases and coverage in the once previous "dead-zones" now remedied by the DAS system. Our job is not complete until you are completely satisfied with the results and are happy to 'OK' the completion of the project.


STEP 3: The quote

At AirWave we offer all our professional services at market competitive prices without compromising quality. With the quote we breakdown the costs so that it's easy for the decision makers to fully understand the value of their investment in a well done DAS system installation.

Built into every quote is full access to our sales team and engineers to answer any questions you may have.


AirWave Surveys is a subsidiary of Antenna World Group, a USA based antenna manufacturing company in business for over 30 years in South Florida. Using our expertise in antenna design, cable assemblies and partnering with amplifier manufacturers like WilsonSurecall - we're able to source the absolute best equipment for your project. All antennas, cables and amps come with a lifetime warranty and will be replaced should any malfunction occur.

STEP 9: SUPport

After the project is completed we stay available to you in multiple capacities to support and update the system when needed. Should any problems ever arise you can count on AirWave Surveys to assist and get your system functioning at full capacity.


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