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AirWave Surveys is an antenna laboratory and manufacture centrally based in the heart of the DAS and In-Building revolution. As demand increases coupled with new regulations across major metropolitan cities like Miami, FL; AirWave is deploying new systems at ever increasing rates. 

The knowledge of our in-house RF engineers, antenna experts and seasoned installers are continually installing and monitoring high performance distributed antenna systems that comply with local and state laws. Working closely local governments we ensure the wireless systems in place are up to code and typically provide even more coverage than the minimum required. Additionally, should systems ever encounter issues our tech support is available to visit onsite and correct the problem.

As an All-in-One solution for In-Building and DAS, AirWave is able to quickly deploy and cost effectively deliver on your wireless coverage needs. 




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Building Survey For Cellular Signal

Areas of Expertise

Site survey

Step one of any new system installation is the site survey which measures the amount of signal already available inside the project building. This important step is the beginning of a well thought out distributed antenna system (DAS) that will work for years into the future.


Our 10 years in the business working alongside local governments and developers taught maintain a healthy budget while still providing optimal system coverage. We go into every project with the intention of providing the best service and installation at the optimal target price. 

In-building design

Design is a tedious process done by our top engineers to carefully plan where and how the system equipment like amps, antennas and cables will be installed on your property. Working closely with local governments we ensure every installation is safe and up to code while also adhering to FCC regulations.

Local governments & code enforcement

Every city has a unique set of local laws and requirements for DAS and In-Building wireless systems. We ensure from start to finish that every project is set to pass final inspections and meet the stringent requirements of local laws and FCC regulations. 


Our dedicated crew of professional installers are with the project from start to finish to have your cellular system operating at 100% as quickly and efficiently as possible. We are able to work alongside your new construction development or occupied buildings with minimal impact. 

New development

A new construction is an ideal time to install your DAS or In-Building wireless system. We're able to work alongside project managers and their timelines to perform our job so we o not impose on construction deadlines. 


DAS Omni-Directional Wide Band Antenna


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We're available to travel across the U.S.A. and internationally to service your wireless needs. 

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